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About the service

BluBil can use for control of expenses and receipts in the personal, family and corporate purposes. It is possible to create unlimited number of groups, which will manage the cash flow in a family, in company, between friends, during a joint trip and for any other purposes.


It is easy to create a group and add to her staff, who receive allowance, has travel expenditures, entertainment expenses. Now cash flow is clear. Monitor simply and quickly.

Consider personal expenses and income at the touch

Add spendings and income quite simply, your employees will not "forget" to fix them because of the difficulty of the interface.

Personal access

Set the individual rights of ordinary employees and department heads. Delegate authority, but retains full confidence in the control of what is happening.

Keep track of the movement of money between employees

Cash flow of Group will be fully in front of your eyes, but only if you have sufficient rights.

Flexible system of adding operations allows you to manage operation with all details

Different expenses, receipts and transferes of moneys.

Operational notice

Thanks to the notification any event in the system can not pass unnoticed.

A clear system of revision control, and delete data

There is no possibility to change something without your approval, and retroactively.

Cross-platform solution

Convenient anytime access to a variety of electronic devices. Operational information entry.

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