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We consider the safety of users and information BluBil major task and the main reason why our customers can be confident in the safety of work in BluBil - is that we know nothing about our users.

Our principles

We do not collect or store personal data, names, details of bank cards. Of all the contact information we only use email for password recovery function and notifications, but do not know the host e-mail and do not try to find out. Furthermore e-mail could be unreal, in this case, user should know that it will be impossible to recover password.

On figures

The program intends not possible to specify the currency, and no one can know what currency our clients operate and whether the figures related to money. We are aware that in addition to the main purpose of accounting of spending accountable money our product can be used for other tasks, unknown to us, for example, to account for the points, points and in games such as Monopoly, poker and do not exclude even Chess.

Policy system

Our product can be used for the accounting of an travel and entertainment expenditures of accountable allowance, but we don't know which companies use BluBil, we don't ask to call the company or the organization, thus, the trade secret of these of the organization is in safety. One users don't know and don't see other users or other groups, our product allows existence in system of several groups and users with the identical name, we aren't a social network.

That the technical side of security, our product is placed on the servers in stable democracies. We use all our knowledge to protect and preserve BluBil.